I'm Laura. I'm 30 and I'm the proud owner of a brilliant, if slightly crazy, 4 year old boy called Jack.

My life currently consists of juggling my day job, trying to pursue my true passion of writing for a living and attempting to be the very best mama I can be. I don't always manage to achieve everything successfully but I do my best.

Jack's dad and I are no longer together and for a little while I was a single mum. Then Carl came along and made our twosome a trio. We also have a big, fat tom-cat who, due to an unfortunate gender oversight, is called Poppy. We don't have the most conventional family unit but we still have lots of fun. 

My pregnancy was a huge surprise and I don't mind admitting that parenting hasn't always come naturally to me. This blog will be a truthful and (hopefully) humorous account of my bumbling journey through motherhood along with other things that interest me (such as reading, writing, upcycling and moaning) thrown in too. You probably won't find crafting or cookery here but if ranting, raving and misbehaving is your thing then pull up a chair!

P.S This is us:


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